A Diner

A Diner

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Established in early 2010s, BAYCHEER is a young but vigorous lighting manufacture.

For last few years, we have crafted objects of light and shed brightness on generations of dreams. Thousands of families have been immersed in the excellent atmosphere our lights create. We take great pride in this and dedicate to be more professional.

Fuelled by our great passion to discover unsopken emotions, light is always the best way to express our ideas. To recognise diamonds in the rough along with original ideas is our brand's unique ability, which have also resulted in a unique collection of new designs.

Together with emerging designers, BAYCHEER is sure to make our voice heard by more and more people around the world.

Baycheer Limited (Hong Kong) is affiliated with Guangzhou Baycheer Network Technology Co.Ltd.(China), which has a strong capability of developing product lines, quality control and supply chain management. We also benefit from Hong Kong’s significant geopolitics superiority---as a center of global trade, international finance, information service and transport. With these strengths, Baycheer is committed to establishing an international home lighting brand.

Trademark "BAYCHEER" Registered in the United States, the application number is 87075379 in

Trademark "BAYCHEER" Registered in Europe, the application number is 015807456 in

Trademark "BAYCHEER" Registered in Canada, the application number is 1848943 in

Trademark "BAYCHEER" Registered in Japan, the application number is 2020-020213in

Trademark "BAYCHEER" Registered in China, the application number is 29364835 in

In 2015, Baycheer initiated Ebay commerce: Baycheer Lighting ( 95.8% Positive feedback) and Baycheer Store ( 97.4% Positive feedback) , and the sales volume reached 20,000+.

In 2016, we expanded our sales channel to Amazon: Baycheer Store, and successfully pushed up sales to 100,000+.

For further reaching out more customers and provide them with a more convenient shopping experience, Baycheer Limited (Hong Kong) launched self-operated independent b2c E-commerce site  in Second half of 2021, website url:, offering one-stop inquiry, sales, and after-sales service.